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A mammogram or mammography is technically a breast X-ray. It is a test to determine breast cancer or a lump or cyst formation in the breasts. When detected early, breast cancer can be treated with surgery and allied treatments. Women in their 40s must undergo mammography at least once every year to ensure breast cancer is detected early. Women with a family history of tumors of the breast are at a higher risk of developing the disease and should undergo regular screening.

Find a mammography test near me in Delhi at the nearest mammogram centers. Delhi has some of the best equipment for mammogram screening. All you need is to find the most suitable center and get the breast scan price.

Mammography Test Cost in Delhi – The Determinant Factors

Mammogram cost usually varies from state to state. Mammography test price may also vary from one centre to another in Delhi due to various. Firstly, location is an important determinant factor. Secondly, the facility and its infrastructure also affect the cost.

Mammography test price ranges from Rs.800 and could go up to Rs.3000 depending on the patient.

Women who notice any changes in the appearance of their breasts, their colour, skin texture, and nipple discharge, should consult a doctor immediately. A doctor may recommend a mammogram scan for you.

There is a difference between screening and diagnostic mammograms. While screening mammogram is performed in a woman having a family history of breast cancer, a diagnostic mammogram is done when a doctor suspects a lump in the breast that could be cancerous. Doctors recommend mammography only when there is breast pain or there is a lump formation.

No prior preparation is needed to undergo a mammogram. It is only important that women do not wear perfumes or deodorants, cosmetics, and breast creams. Also, women should inform their doctor if they are pregnant or nursing.

Benefits of Mammogram Screening

  • A mammogram is the first step to detect early cancer. Early-stage breast cancers are curable
  • A mammogram detects micro-calcification, or tiny calcium deposits present in the early breast cancer stages
  • Mammogram also uses X-ray, in, low does, which is not harmful. Early detection outweighs the radiation

Mammogram Test near me to Identify Potential Risks

Search for a mammogram test near me to recognise potential risks at the earliest. Women usually fail to comprehend breast cancer in the early stages. With a mammogram test, small tumours of the breast can be detected.

Preparing for Mammography Test

Mammography is mainly performed for screening healthy women for the early signs of breast cancer. The procedure is also used for evaluating women having symptoms of various breast diseases like nipple discharge, lumps, breast pain, nipple retraction, or dimpling breast skin.

Mammogram screening helps increases the chances of early breast cancer detection when it is highly possible to cure the disease.

Women must discuss the procedure with their doctor before proceeding. Recommendations generally vary depending on various risk factors like family history, medical history, etc.

Procedures related to Mammography near me

A mammogram refers to the X-Ray of the breast. Search for mammography near me to get your tests done at a reputed centre. During a mammogram test, the patient’s breast would be placed on a flat surface. It would be compressed with a parallel plate called the paddle.

The X-Rays of the machine would pass through the breast to the detector located opposite.

Tips To Get Mammogram Screening

  • It is best to wear a skirt/jeans with a top as you have to undress from the waist upwards for the procedure
  • On that very day, do not use any harsh chemical like a powder or deodorant on the body or the underarms. These may leave white spots on the scan result, thus making it difficult to detect accurately
  • Avoid undergoing mammography a week before the period and during the ongoing period as the breasts are unusually tender and swollen during this time

Why Search for a Mammography Centre Near Me?

It would be best if you searched for a mammography centre near me because of the following reasons.

  • It is the best test to ascertain the presence of breast cancers in earlier stages.
  • Mammogram tests can properly discover the tiny calcium deposits present in the earlier stages of breast cancer.
  • Chances of exposure to radiation are low in mammography tests.

What to know about Mammogram Test Price?

The mammogram test price varies from one test centre to the other in the Delhi/NCR region.

Breast Scan near me- Important Things to know

Search for centres providing breast scans near me to help with easy diagnosis. Mammography is the standard approach for the early identification of breast cancer. Regular mammogram tests can help with the identification of breast cancer earlier.

Dos and Don’ts associated with Mammogram

You should be aware of breast mammogram costs to opt for the best test centre. Here are the dos and don’ts of a mammogram test.

  • Refrain from undergoing a mammogram test during the period. Your breasts may be swollen then.
  • On the day of the test, don’t wear perfume or powder. These products can interfere with the test results.

Breast Mammogram Cost

Breast mammography price varies from one diagnostic centre to the other. Prior to visiting the test centre, inquire about breast mammography prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What are the Benefits of Breast Scans?

Ans. Mammogram tests can help identify breast cancers before the symptoms appear.

Q 2. Is there a Risk for Radiation Exposure?

Ans. Technicians take special care to minimise the total radiation.

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