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Bone Mineral Density (BMD) is a test, or scan, is a superior technique to measure a patient’s bone density. The purpose of this scan, also called DEXA, is to measure bone weakness and predict the risks of an injury or fracture. Using osteoporosis medical tools, the scan assesses bone health. DEXA Scan primarily focuses on the two important parts of the human body – the spine and the hip. It is a painless procedure that takes 10 to 20 minutes. Know more about bone density test cost in Delhi before you proceed.

What Is DEXA Scan Cost In Delhi?

A DEXA Scan, or a Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) test is a super-specialized technique that measures the bone mineral density, body fat, and lean body mass. The DEXA equipment is an advanced machine that scans the whole body using low X-ray doses at various sources to read bones as well as a mass of soft tissues simultaneously.

DEXA scan is a highly accurate procedure. It is non-invasive, safe, and takes a few minutes to scan the body. The technique is the most recommended to detect the tendency of bone fracture and osteoporosis.

Bone density is considered a vital factor to prevent osteoporosis. Low bone density makes the bones more vulnerable to fractures. Having a healthy and balanced diet combined with regular weight-bearing exercises like walking and jogging may help improve bone density.

The percentage of body factors is a predictor of bone health and bone density. Individuals leading a sedentary lifestyle and lacking nutrition are at an increasingly high risk of having higher fat percentage and lower or insufficient bone density. Likewise, extremely low body fat levels can also cause bone loss due to poor nutrition.

To know more about BMD, look up for DEXA scan cost near me in Delhi/NCR.

DEXA Scan Cost In Delhi And Benefits

DEXA Scan cost in Delhi varies depending on where a person resides and the type of diagnostic centre performing the procedure.

Insurance companies may cover a part of this cost if a doctor prescribes it. But, it is not mandatory.

There are many benefits of bone density test, including:

  • Minimum exposure to radiation
  • Accurate estimation of risk of fracture and osteoporosis
  • No remaining radiation in the body
  • Convenient technique for both physician and patient
  • No potential side effects

Doctors use this test to:

  • Determine reduced bone density before bones break
  • Identify risks of fractures and broken bones
  • Confirm osteoporosis diagnosis
  • Monitor treatment for osteoporosis

Higher content of bone mineral ensures denser bones. Denser bones mean stronger bones, which are less likely to be brittle.

However, bone density scans are different from typical bone scans. While bone scans need an injection, bone density scan does not. Bone scans are also primarily used to detect infections, cancer, fractures, and abnormalities. Find bone scan test near me in Delhi separately.

The bone density test cost in Delhi may differ depending on the facility you choose.

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